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Defining Staging

Most homeowners have enjoyed their home. While living there, they have personalized it and put their mark on it. They have decorated in a that suits them, and in a color palette that they are comfortable with. And while they are living in that home, that is great. However, there is quite a difference in the way a person lives in their home, and how a home is marketed.
When a home is staged, it is depersonalized. The layers of the home are peeled back to reveal the architectural aspects of the house. The personal qualities of the home are omitted or adjusted to neutrally suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Staging is not: decorating, interior design, or redesign – those things are based upon one’s personal Instead, staging creates an appeal to a wide variety.

Staging is preparing a property for sale to meet two goals: a faster sale and a greater Return on Investment. Carla bases her knowledge of staging on her own creative attributes and real life experiences in the staging, design and real estate industry. Properties that are staged with proven techniques in real estate provide maximum results.

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