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4th Grade Small Hinsdale Falcon Cheerleaders 1st P

Congratulations to the Hinsdale 4th Grade Small Cheer Squad! Under the direction of Carla Steuck and Karen Eck they placed at 1st last weekends BGYFL Cheer/Pom Competition at Willowbrook High School on October 15th. The hard work, dedication and talent of these athletes won them a bid to the state championships. Thank you to our football team for all your support and the parents for your enthusiasm. It has been a great season! Love to see all the Hinsdale fans come cheer the girls on at the state championships. Our three teen coaches include Morgan Steuck, Mimi Gee, and Nicole Claycomb. Our team members include Sophia Bruni, Mary Coffey, Brynn Cummins, Ramona Dawson, Vivian Eck, Kayleigh Excell, Olivia Fallon, Gigi Gee, Maddy Glasby, Charlotte Gleason, Jackie Pergantis, Katie Turgeon, Claire Watkiss, land Izzy Wychocki.

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